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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014.1

The industry standard for web design

When it comes to web design, there's only one serious option that most professionals use and that's Adobe Dreamweaver. View full description


  • Packed with powerful tools
  • Excellent multimedia integration
  • Improved CSS inspection
  • Integration with WordPress, Joomla! etc
  • Writes good clean code


  • Lengthy installation process
  • Takes a while for beginners to get to grips with
  • Requires Creative Suite subscription


When it comes to web design, there's only one serious option that most professionals use and that's Adobe Dreamweaver.

An all round powerful web design suite

Adobe Dreamweaver 2014 is the latest incarnation of this all powerful web design program and doesn’t include big changes but rather many minor improvements that make your daily coding faster and easier. This new version of Adobe Dreamweaver includes new features such as Element Quick View, New editing capabilities in Live View, Live Insert to insert HTML elements directly into the Live View and a new useful Help Center.

Like previous versions, Adobe Dreamweaver follows the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) philosophy so you can see exactly what you're doing with every change in code. Alternatively, you can opt for a full code view or if you want your cake and eat it, see both at once in a split view. Inserting elements is a breeze offering you maximum flexibility to drag and drop or insert by code, images, video, audio and more. You can easily shift and rearrange these elements until you're happy with the exact layout.

There are couple of ready made HTML and CSS style sheets included but you'll need a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML to get going with Dreamweaver. Adobe Dreamweaver is of course seamlessly integrated with the rest of Creative Suite. However, you can't export projects to other applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator for example.

Requires Creative Cloud subscription

The general interface of Dreamweaver hasn't changed a great deal but it's still very much a tool for professionals. To learn how to use it properly takes many months of learning. In addition, like all of the Creative Cloud Suite, Adobe Dreamweaver requires an ongoing subscription to Creative Cloud in order to use it. This offers advantages in that you can edit on the move and your work is always synced and backed up to Creative Cloud. The disadvantage is that you are locked into Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription model.

Still one of the best on the market

Adobe Dreamweaver 2014 is another positive evolution in the web design industry and is one of the best design suites out there to help you meet the demands of the next generation of web content.


  • Element Quick View: Review the markup in your document using the new Element Quick View, which renders an interactive HTML tree for both static and dynamic content. Modify your static content structure right within the HTML tree.
  • New editing capabilities in Live View:
  • Quick Property Inspector
  • Element Display
  • Live text editing
  • Live View Property Inspector
  • Live Insert: In this release, you can insert HTML elements directly into the Live View using the Insert panel. The elements are inserted in real-time without any need to switch modes. You can also preview your changes right away.
  • CSS Designer enhancements:
  • Enhanced user interface for Border control
  • Copy-paste styles
  • Quick edit text boxes
  • Enhancements to custom properties workflow
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • More Specific/Less Specific Selectors
  • Scroll to category
  • Support for SFTP connections using Identity File
  • Undo/Redo enhancements
  • Changes to Business Catalyst and PhoneGap Build workflows
  • Changes in accessing extensions for Dreamweaver
  • Changes to sync settings
  • Submit bug/feature request directly from Dreamweaver
  • Help Center: Learn how to use new features and how to tackle common tasks from within Dreamweaver with the new Help Center.

Adobe Dreamweaver supports the following formats

HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, Adobe ColdFusion

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Adobe Dreamweaver


Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014.1

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